First wedding in Denmark

         The moment I entered Ebeltoft i was astonished by the amazing landscape,  the beautiful houses and the joyful people. And the Windmill. I knew it was a place where i can shoot a couple without too much effort regarding the location. You have a beautiful beach, an awesome harbor, an old windmill, those little streets in the city which makes you feel like you’re in a permanent vacation and happy and welcoming people. Perfect recipe for a great photo shoot with the bride and the groom.

       Catalin & Alla were amazing for the whole session. They were totally relaxed. Lucky for us that we’ve met three times before the wedding took place. That helped me a lot taking in consideration the short time we had at our disposal. We took the “must have pics” at the Kommune. Giving the fact that the officials didn’t let me fire my flash inside, i had to increase ISO significantly for good results (pic 1 & 2). After that we went on the harbor for some nice, warm, compelling photos. I was shooting generally with the sun in the back of the subject, that’s why i used my SB700 flash to light them for a great result. And finally the windmill. Our biggest surprise came there. It is a private one, but that wasn’t a big of a problem. The moment we got there, the owners were welcoming us with so much warmth. It was a big family from Germany  (the youngest one was around 5 years old and the oldest around 70). They gave us champagne, they talked with us, we were laughing with them and had a great time.

            It was a beautiful Saturday wedding with an amazing couple, beautiful friends and much love in the air. Thank you!











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  1. Thanks for being there and for the great shooting…it was a big pleasure for us to work with you !!!

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